Most people think that if they’re involved in an accident and are injured they will get compensated; often that’s not the case. You must prove the other party was responsible for the accident which caused your injuries. Outlined below are some of the more common steps personal injury lawyers use to determine that you were injured in an accident as a result of the other party.Auto-Accident

If you have been injured it is imperative that you have a medical professional assess your injuries.  If you’re dealing with an insurance company which has trained lawyers working for them, they will find ways to either reduce your compensation or even prevent you from claiming you’ve been injured. It’s easy for them to poke holes in your argument if you’re not feeling well and hurt from the accident, but do not seek medical advice. They will claim you are making up your injuries, if you don’t seek medical attention. If you have been injured the common pattern is for the injured to seek medical advice on prescription medications and therapy and continue to seek treatment till the injuries have resolved.

You need to write everything down, so you don’t forget the injuries you’ve sustained from the beginning of the accident to the end when you’re either in court or seeking a settlement. If there are any discrepancies in your injuries that you claim, this will be used against you by the other party. Sometimes issues don’t occur immediately there are injuries or pains that occur a week after the accident. For example you maybe concussed but you might not directly realize it till after a few weeks, when you feel dizzier and require additional medical help. It’s important that you keep a record of all the pains you’re dealing with as a result of the accident. Even if you have pains from prior to the accident this also needs to be noted, and those pains need to be accessed if the accident further aggravated any existing injuries. Even if you switch doctors or see specialist in the process, you need to make sure the statements you give each doctor remain the same or this will make it look like you’re not telling the truth.

You need to give your doctor as much information about your pains as possible. You can’t just say you have a headache, because different types of pains will mean a different type of issue with a trained medical professional. If you just tell the medical specialist that your head hurts, it could be a variety of reasons from a headache to falling on your head. You need to let them if the pain is a sharp pain or a dull pain, if the pain moves or is it just in one location, are there multiple areas you feel the pain or just a specific area. Your explanation of your pains will give the doctor a better understanding of the type of injury you’re dealing with and the most appropriate treatment for your pains.

If you have a previous injury it’s important that you let your doctor know about it, because if you have previous injury that hasn’t been disclosed and gets brought up in court, the judge may look at that as you not being truthful about your injuries and trying to get compensation for injuries that are unrelated to the accident. If you have pre existing injuries, you can always let your injury lawyer Toronto and doctor know if it’s worse, or if the injury has been re-aggravated. You can receive compensation for re-aggravation or additional pain to an existing injury but if you have a preexisting injury you will not be compensated for it. Also the case goes to trail and if it’s brought up that you were not truthful about your existing injuries, the courts will look unfavorably against you and the rest of your claim maybe absolved for you being untruthful regarding the injuries.

You need to be in consistent contact with your personal injury lawyer, if you change doctors or need to seek additional treatments, you should always inform your lawyer of the process. The lawyer you work with, will help you through the process, of course it’s always in the lawyers best interest to help you get the most compensation for your injuries, as a portion of your injury will go towards paying for their fees. If you are missing work and need to apply for any disability benefits you will also need to inform your lawyer about this as well.

As you can see if you’ve been injured you need to make sure you remember everything you say, it’s best to take notes after each doctors visit so you remember everything that’s been said, and you need to inform your lawyer of any existing injuries, as this can come back to haunt you, if you’re not truthful. Most importantly keep your personal injury lawyer informed throughout the process as they’re there to help you win your case and get you the maximum compensation possible for your case.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

You will need the advice or assistance of an injury lawyer when you or a loved one is involved in an accident as a result of another person’s actions, you may thing that most people will own up to their mistakes and accept responsibility for their consequences but you’ll find that the person involved and their insurance companies will try give you as little as possible for the pain, inconveniences, loss of wages you’ll have to endure. In most cases the insurance companies and their lawyers will also work against you to offer you as little compensation as possible.

If you’re involved in an accident you know the insurance companies or the person who caused the injury will have lawyers working for them to try and nullify your claim against the injuries they cause. This is the reason you need an experienced personal injury lawyer who will build a case to help you get fair and adequate compensation, you’ll also need an injury lawyer who has the experience to negotiate with the insurance companies and who can also take the case to trial if needed.  You can attempt to negotiate your claim on your own with the insurance company but usually the insurance companies will do everything in their power to give you the lowest compensation package possible, and they will also try to elicit statements from you that will go against your claim.

An Atlanta injury will usually help you obtain a favorable settlement in which even after the attorney fees you’ll be compensated significantly more than you would have obtained on your own.

The Cost of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys usually take on cases on a contingency basis, in personal injury cases this means if they help you win your case they will receive a percentage of the award as their fee. If they lose the case they don’t collect fees, but you’ll also have to remember in some cases even though the attorney doesn’t collect the attorney fees, they may have to collect for some of the costs associated with the case such as filing fees with the courts. In most cases you will want to clarify with the law firm these matters when you first speak with them.

The contingent fee the lawyers charge will differ from case to case. In most cases the attorney fees range from 30% to 40% of the personal injury award collected. If your case is worth a lot of money in most situations you’ll be able to negotiate a lower contingent fee with your attorney. In some cases if the attorney you’re hiring is considered to be top notch they may not be willing to negotiate their fees.


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